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Normal maintenance on a 244 Sunesta

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I don't get the 2007 244 Sunesta out that much anymore.  Yet still love it and use it a few times a year, but  only getting like 30H on the engine each year.    In the past every winter I'd drop it off at a local mech and they would do yearly maintenance and winterize.  Then I caught them cheating me and not doing work they charged me for.   Thus for the past 4 years or so I've just done everything myself.  My boat has the 300HP Mercuriser 350 mpi

Every year I do an oil/filter change and a new thermostat (just easy as I remove it to winterize.)       Then I also change the cool fuel filter element every other year.

Is there other engine maintenance I should be doing?




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10 hours ago, ColdOne said:

I would change your drive oil every couple of years. 

As OP lives in a northern climate, I would change the drive oil every fall. It's cheap protection against freezing and cracking your outdrive housing. It's also the perfect time to find any issue in the outdrive and have it repaired over the winter rather than delaying your spring.

You should change your raw water impeller every other year. Check your engine belts and change if they show any cracking or checking. I would change spark plugs, plug wires, distributor cap, and rotor about every 4 years.

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I pull my drives every year to inspect bellows, u-joints, and to re-grease the studs and all mating surfaces. If this isn't done the drive can be an absolute nightmare to get off of the boat due to corrosion. I have VP drives but I can't imagine Mercs are any different. It's pretty easy if it's done every year. 

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