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After all the madness of recent months, and all the hard work, the time has come to embark on our epic journey up the River Avon. We set off tomorrow morning on high tide heading North Westerly with the wind on our backs through the wilds of Gloucestershire, the unknown challenges of Worcestershire and onto the mythical land of Warwickshire where my map just says, "Here be dragons"

Our voyage will be about 100 miles from Tewkesbury to Stratford-upon-Avon,  through 17 locks and hopefully at least as many pubs. 

Now here's something sobering for my American friends. Last year we did a trip to Evesham and back which was 50 miles and averaged 2.1 mpg. That was before all this winters work so I'm hoping to get that up to 2.5 mpg. On that basis I'm going to use 40 gallons which costs £254 ($317). To give me a bit of wiggle room I actually put £350 in which took me from ¼ of a tank to ¾ of a tank.  To make sure I sleep at night I'm thinking that I'm going to have two weeks holiday for £254 rather than thinking its going to cost me £254 to do 100 miles. 

We're taking my Mother-in-Law for the first leg which is from Tewkesbury to Pershore as she's never been through locks before, or seen the river above Strensham. That also has the advantage that we have someone to make the tea and swab the decks ;)

Since my last post I've refitted the missing drain pump from the shower tray and fitted a 12v camping shower so I won't be smelly as we travel to unknown lands, and we've run her up and down river for 4 hours in 30° heat and there was no sign of overheating. 

I'll keep you updated, not least because I might need your advice if anything falls off :P

Bon Voyage!


Our last test run


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9 hours ago, Stuart Adair said:

We're taking my Mother-in-Law for the first leg


What are you doing with her for the second leg ? Can you take mine too :)

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We're a couple of days into our epic voyage. We travelled upstream with a friend in a small boat called Mist as far as Pershore (14 miles) and have now gone on to Evesham which is about the half way point. We've completed 8 locks so far with 9 to go. Tomorrow we head to Bidford-upon-Avon before Stratford-upon-Avon where we might stop for a few nights. Miss Magoo is running like a dream. We've had a fair bit of rain recently and were going upstream against  a downstream flow of about 2 knots plodding along at around 1100 rpm doing 4/5 knots. The fuel gauge has moved about a needles width so if its accurate then I seriously underestimated the fuel consumption. Not getting too sure though as it might all of a sudden take a drop. The weather is a bit rainy but its a British summertime so no surprises there.   Only issue I've had is grounding when I went onto the wrong moorings at Evesham and I scraped the bottom of the outdrive. A quick dab of reverse got me out of trouble and I've tilted the drive up to check, and everything seems to be ok.

I've attached a couple of pics, including a view of Pershore lock which at 9ft is the deepest on the Avon.

We've also given up on going to the pubs. Some are open but you've got to give your name, address and phone number. Then, if someone gets tested positive (Or fancies a fortnight off work) then they tell the pub and our contact details go to some government department to make us isolate for 14 days.  That'll presumably be followed up by a visit by a man in a high-vis-vest and a clipboard to make sure we're isolating, and will fine us £1 million pounds if not. No pint is worth that hassle so its dark Caribbean rum for me ( A proper sailors drink)


Pershore lock with Mist in front and Mrs Wife holding the ropes.


Pershore Lock

Pershore moorings looking downstream (With a bit of rain)


Pershore down-stream

Evesham Moorings









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Ok, so we're back from our epic voyage. In the end we made two trips. Tewkesbury to Stratford-upon-Avon and back and then Tewkesbury to Frampton-upon-Severn and back. The stats for the trip are:-

  • Engine hours - 27.9 hrs
  • Est. £250 fuel used (Based upon fuel gauge position) @ £1.40 per litre = 178 litres / 4.54 = 39.3 Gallons (Proper English gallons not USA ;))
  • Fuel use - 1.4 gallons per hour @ 4 - 6 mph (1200 - 1400 rpm depending on tide flow)
  • Tewkesbury - Stratford-upon-Avon and back = 94 miles
  • Tewkesbury - Frampton-upon- Severn and back = 44 miles
  • Total distance = 138 miles = 3.5 mpg

I'm really pleased with the fuel performance given that on last years trip I only managed 2.1 mpg. Shows the difference anti-foul and a properly running engine makes.

There are five casualties from the trip...

  1. My skeg which fell off somewhere up the River Avon when I ran out of water
  2. A burst fender when it caught on a lock-landing post
  3. Various paintwork scratches as we went in and out of the 38 locks (Work starts on the touch-ups tomorrow)
  4. Starter motor is playing up (I'll start a new post for that)
  5. My wallet :D

Photo below was taken at Gloucester docks on the River Severn.


Glocester Docks


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