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Can anyone help me? PLEASE!

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Ok, so 5 weeks ago I ran my boat in some shallow water and got trash in my out drive and it screwed up my water pump. 4 1/2 weeks ago I took it to Ocean Marine Group in Gulfport, MS.  They are a dealer for Chaparral.  I got a call today saying they can not work on new Mercruiser motors.  So, first thing is,  who would you recommend in the Pan Handle of FL, Mobile AL area, So MS, or So LA to take it to? Second, who at Chaparral can I make a formal complaint to?  I mean seriously, you are Chaparral new boat dealer but you can't work them....WTH!!!!! It takes 4.5 weeks for you tell me you cant work on it!?  This summer is wrecked!  it will be another 4 weeks, if I'm lucky, just to get someone to look at it.   I will never do business again with them and if you ask me you shouldn't either with! 

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I can't help with selection of a better service in MS but I can suggest to go there without advanced warning and inspect the boat to see what the heck they did already and why they cannot work on your boat now. Just look at the engine, pump, hoses and everything around first then talk to the service manager and the person who made this assessment. Good luck.

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