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Looking for help with the stereo on my 2004 274 Sunesta. I still have the original stereo which is a JBL MR16 or MR15. Also equipped with 2 REM25 remotes. Everything works and the sound has been great, until all of a sudden i am now unable to adjust the volume with either the head unit or the remotes. I have tried messing with the head unit for hours but it just isn’t functioning the way it is supposed to. So, I’m thinking I’ll need to replace the head unit. I’d love to avoid rewiring and replacing the remotes if possible. I’ve seen on other threads that the MR145 or MR165 are compatible with my existing remotes- although unfortunately these seem just as impossible to find as another MR15 or MR16. I realize this technology is totally obsolete but i want to explore my options before diving into a whole new system. Anyone have any suggestions?

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