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Problems no power at my 3 receptacles

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33 minutes ago, Bt Doctur said:

more likely you have a hidden ground fault outlet (GFI) that is first in line protecting the other outlets. Most times installed in a damp location,

Yep! and I would check the wiring after that.

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Looking at the pic I dont think you have a GFI outlet. But I was thinking you may have some form of one. My wife comes from France and we visit there every few years. I have never seen one there.

In the U.S. it is required by law (every state in the U.S. is a little different) to use a GFI outlet in wet locations. This is a safety device that helps stop electacutions from happening. Case on point, if you dropped a hair dryer in the tub and some one was in it. Chances are they would be dead. But with a GFI outlet in the bathroom, chances are they would be alive. In milliseconds it turns the power off. 

I would look at the wiring, both at the breaker and outlet.

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