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About Yuneng's Lubrication Oil Purifier

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Working Principle

After the large particles and impurities removed by the primary filter system, oil will undergo capillary condensation by the demulsifying filter element from demulsifier system, and small droplets turn into large droplets, and then be separated from the oil. Dissolved water is removed by vacuum system through heating constant evaporation and vacuum pump out. After removing water, oil goes through fine filter system to remove mechanical impurities, finally, oil is purified completely.

Working Process 

Lube oil goes through coarse filter system, and sucked into heating system by vacuum negative pressure, oil heated and water separated from of oil in the vacuum degassing tank. The water from oil is discharged by vacuum pump. oil is decolorized and deacidified by molecular sorbent and then recycled by oil regeneration system. also oil can be transported to fine filter system by oil pump and demulsified by demulsifier, oil and water separated, and oil is purified.

Yuneng offers our range of premium quality Lube Oil Filtration Plant, which supplies the demands of different industries. This transformer oil Filtration Plant is developed using the best technology under the management of expert professionals. We have used better quality raw material to provide these Oil filtration Machine.

If you have any questions or needs for Yunengs products, please feel free to contact us.

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