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Waste oil refining plant for sale

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Are you looking for a waste oil refining plant for sale? Beston newly-designed crude oil distillation equipment adopted advanced distillation technology, to convert waste oil into qualified diesel or gasoline. And the comprehensive oil yield of our plant can reach 85%-90%. Take the waste engine oil, for instance, the oil yield can exceed 90% if the water content of the engine oil is below 5%.


Unique Features:

  • We use different heating system for batch-type plant and auto continuous plant. Hot air heating system is applied to batch-type plant to expand the life of reactor; the latest tubular furnace is applied to auto continuous plant to improve the heating efficiency and safety index of the waste oil to diesel plant or tyre to diesel machine.
  • Auto feeding and discharging system can reduce the cost of manpower.
  • Totally sealed distillation reactor can make sure there’s no gas leakage or pollution to the environment.
  • We have particular device to eliminate malodorous and toxic emissions, so as to meet the environmental standard. For example, a three-layer de-dusting system is adopted to filter the exhaust gas.
  • Safety valves, automatic alarming system, anti-explosion valve are used to ensure safety of the operation.
  • High oil yield. The comprehensive oil yield of our waste oil refinery machine is about 85%-90%.
  • High working efficiency. There is no corrosion, fouling and coking during the process of working.
  • It is easy for transporting and installing.
  • The system creates an alternative of energy to replace petroleum products and natural gas, which can achieve turning waste to energy.

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