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Tire oil to diesel refining machine advantages

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1: To minimize the process of heating

By using the heat transfer heating system, our client can save much fuel to heat the whole reactor, and the heating speed is faster and the temperature can keep the reactor hot for longer time,so the whole process is faster with less fuel

2: The heating circulation system is more environmental

All the heat transfer system is a circulating system, the heat transfer oil is recycling inside the reactor. So in total, you can fire less fuel, which not only save your cost on fuel also it is more environmental-friendly. All the system is sealed, in the terms of smoke and smell, our new design Used oil refining plant workers better.

3:The vertical reactor

From our design,It is very easy to clean the slag , it will be down through the bottom of the vertical reactors. So the operation is easier

4: Continuously working

When operating the machine,first you pump oil inside the reactor to heat,after finishing heating,it will becoming oil gas and goes to cooling system,then go to another tank.So,the first reactor is empty,no need to stop,you could pump another tank of oil again into the first tank ,continuously working.


Yuneng offers our range of premium quality Oil Filtration Plant, which supplies the demands of different industries. This Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Oil Refining Plant is developed using the best technology under the management of expert professionals. We have used better quality raw material to provide these transformer Oil filtration.


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