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SX Cone clutch issue?

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I just picked up my second Chaparral, it’s a 2004 220ssi with a 5.0 GXi with a SX-M outdrive 1.6 gear ratio.  275 hours on the boat, most of them before 2010.  It was owned by an elderly gentleman who got sick a couple of years ago and didn’t use the boat.  I knew it would need the normal maintenance caught up.  I replaced the prop due to several dings and found out the shift cable was way out of adjustment.  It would barely go into Drive before the throttle came up.  In reverse, it hit the stop before it would throttle up.  I don’t know how long it was driven like this, but it seemed like the cone clutch wasn’t completely engaging.  I had to feather the throttle to get on plane.  I got it up to 48 mph on GPS once it got going, but it seemed to have a slight vibration.

I trailered it, checked the outdrive oil level, adjusted the throttle cable so it went in gear smoothly at the shift/throttle control detects and the throttle felt right in forward and reverse.  Tried it again, but it still felt like the prop was slipping to get it on the step.  Better than before, but I expected better acceleration out of the hole.  It still had a little vibration.  I trailered it again, pulled the outdrive to check u joints and gimbal bearing.  Someone had installed the bearing without properly lining up the bearing grease hole to the grease fitting hole.  I pulled the bearing, but it seemed fine.  I have a new one with a new seal ordered anyway.  The bellows looked great, the u- joints and input shaft were as clean as new, u- joints felt good, but I ordered new ones to eliminate that as a source of the vibration.
I will remove the shift housing and shift fork this week so I hope to get a look at the cone clutch to inspect for wear.

Now for my questions.  Could the shift cable adjustment have prevented the cone clutch from completely engaging, making it to slip and wearing out the brass cone?  The gear oil was clean, but I don’t know if the correct fluid was used.  Could the wrong oil cause my symptoms (slipping and vibration) and could that cause damage?  Should I just replace the gimbal bearing and u-joints, fill with the correct Volvo Penta oil and try it again?  Should I replace the brass cone to be sure?  (A bit of a job to change the cone). Has anyone had a similar experience?  I hope the cone inspection this week reveals something.  
Any comments are welcome, I’ll update after I see what it looks like inside.  Thanks for any insights.

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