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Where is the kill switch if there is one ?

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Hi Guys. My port motor turns but does not start. Let me explain: I Had the boat on the water and that motor would run idle as a swiss clock but when trying to accelerate it would die. A mechanic told me that the problem was with the sensor at the distributor ( very expensive little part). Well he changed the sensor and  replaced the kit of the carburetor together w/ the spark plugs. After all of that the motor now cranks/turns but does not start. He asked me twice for the kill switch and I have no clue if the boat even have one. I need help w/ that -- Anyone know if the 2850 SX has a kill switch ? and if yes , Where is it ?- If not, What could be the culprit ?  Thanks  Very much !!!

PS: The other motor  works fine !

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1 hour ago, drewm3i said:

I think he forgot to hook something back up...verify the coil wire is attached. Make sure the plug wires are hooked up properly to each cylinder, etc. That boat probably doesn't have a kill switch.

I was told years ago if you want to find out what is wrong, start with looking where someone has worked on it.  Denny.

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