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Shipping a new Chaparral to Australia from USA any advice please

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Hi everyone,

Can anyone help and advise please Chaparral are so expensive in Australia, I would like a new 19 H2O sport. 

I am thinking of shipping from the USA but need to find a dealer who is keen and can help, I really want to have a specific colour, the Biscayne Blue stripe. I see black boats here but am concerned that black will get really hot in Western Australia and will be high ,maintenance with scratches and sun oxidisation.

Any advice would be appreciated please

Thank you 


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Make sure that you'll be working with a good company. Aren't you afraid of transporting your car for a distance like that? The car transport quote is going to be pretty big because the distance is really large. Have you considered buying one from here and repainting it? I'm 90% sure that you're going to get a cheaper deal and you will be able to test it out in person. I'm always pretty sceptical when it comes to buying a car that I can't see in person. You never know if there's something hidden in the pictures and you can't do anything after you've received it

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