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4 hours ago, Clemson Chap said:

Almost always Keowee.  Occasionally Hartwell or Jocassee.  

Love Jocassee....grew up there.  We've been going to Keowee lately.  Hartwell always seems muddy....leaves swimming gear orange lol.  We've even had it stain seats.  Lot less people on Hartwell though.  That boat is beautiful!  Maybe we'll see you around.

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Hartwell is better since it’s been full for a few years.  It’s still no where as clean as Keowee.  Jocassee of course is cleaner than bottled drinking water.  Keowee or Jocassee doesn’t require a boat wash ever!!!

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On 8/11/2020 at 7:20 AM, Clemson Chap said:

Ordered May 14th.  Picked up July 31st.  Two great weekends so far. 


Very nice.  Color is awesome and the decals are pretty cool, too.   Wonder if these are the new style Chaparral is going with now and ditching the old style decals.

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9 hours ago, Clemson Chap said:

The bolsters are meant for docking maneuvers/ trailering at low speeds.  Attempting to sit on them at high speeds hitting big wakes........yeah they’re gonna break.  

Flip yours up while docking and sit on it and get back to me. The problem is they go back to far and break the bottom. Bad seat design. 

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