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Chaparral ski and fish ssi 21

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Any SSI ski and fish ownersZ. My question is does the live well that comes with take the place of what otherwise would be a cooler.  If so has this been an issue with finding storage for a cooler.?  I put a deposit down for one and its 16 week wait. Thank you.

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Got my S&F last week, 2 hrs on it. My advise...go back to the dealer and get your money back. ASAP!

These boats are a nightmare, quality is garbage. When I picked up the boat it had the following issues:

1-No latch on the motor cover, they forgot to install it at manufacturing...unreal!

2-Poor workmanship on the gel coat, defects  and chips all over the place. Poor finish
3-Cables on the passenger  side hanging after I trailered for 30 minutes,

4- Garbage left on the boat from factory

5-Mercury engine stalls when in idle.

6- And this is the worst offender of all... You cannot exceed 35miles on the boat or you will loose your rear cushions. Lost my cushions 20 minutes into my break in run...and forget about trailering with the cushions on, that not happening. Advised by the dealer.

walk away... trust me.

I have pictures but can’t load as they are 2 large.





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