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Thru hull water fitting replacement??

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My question to the forum. Is it very difficult to remove a bravo 3 out drive on a 2003 270 sig with twins? I have a restricted thru transom pipe that I believe is the problem.  I dont know if its easier to cut a hole in the hull and install a new raw water pickup with a cutoff valve and run rubber hose to the raw water impeller or pull the outdrive. Please remember I've never done this type of thing before. It's on s trailer in the yard and my budget is getting smaller.  Any advise will help. Thanks all!

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Its not hard to remove a Bravo 3.  But you will need some additional muscle.  They are heavy, 125lbs to 150lbs from what I am guessing trying to manhandle one myself.  The water intake from the out drive is transmitted through an s-shaped rubber hose from the out drive to the gimble assembly.  The hose is about 3/4" diameter.  There is a matching hose on the inside of the transom assembly that goes to the water pump.  On my Sig 300, this system is not used.  Instead, I have two through hull intakes with a strainer type outside cover similar to what you are describing you want to do.  On the inside is 1.24" ball valve and a hose that then feeds the raw water pump.  On my boat, there is a diamond shaped plate that blocks off the out drive sourced water.  The hose on the out drive is still there, just doesn't do anything. Due to the major pain, they are hard to change.  They should be changed when you do the bellows.  Also, since the hose is pretty small, they tend to get clogged up.  

As for a do it yourself project, only you can answer that for sure.  But I would think the proper diameter hole saw and some 3M 5200 sealant is about all the special items you would need.  Oh, a couple of really large wrenches for tightening 1.25" fittings. I can  say the fittings aren't cheap and the ball valve is was over $100.  But, worth the peace of mind knowing your water source is about as direct as it can be. My opinion anyway.


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