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Not sure what you are asking, but I'll ask a question about a table. 

I Put my table together, 3 ft aluminum looking tube into the bottom of the table. Now I can't separate them to store it.  Its been this way since about May. In the middle of the summer I poured ice water down the tube, hoping the tube would contract and I could separate but no luck. my next step, if no suggestions here, is to remove the piece on the table where the  tube goes in, and try to pound it out with hammer and chisel/screw driver. 

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Turn the table upside down and stand on it. Now grab the tube and wiggle it in a circle while lifting up.. Mine gets stuck on occasion if someone pounds their hand on it while using it and this method always works..

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18 hours ago, ramoszx12r@comcast.net said:

After you get it off clean and polish so you avoid that problem.


Absolutely clean the ends, you may need to sand/file the ends of the pole, ours is tapered and collects burrs with use.

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