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Where do I find information about my 2019 246 SSi stereo and speakers?  One of the speakers hasn't worked since we bought the boat in July 2020.  Asked the dealership to order for us and today they've told me they need the serial number from our stereo?  I can not find a serial number anywhere on the stereo or on the display. 

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Remove the speaker. Odds are the brand and model are on a sticker on the back. Then, remove another speaker and swap them over to each other spot. If the speaker is bad, it wont play on the other speaker's wires. If the issue upstream, then the previously working speaker wont play in the suspect spot. 

Ive found that 2019, 2020 and 2021 are still using the Panasonic speaker with the white/black grill with the chaparral logo.  

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