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Draining water

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Hello all and hope everyone is keeping safe.

5.7 Merc in a 1990 Signature 27 which is on a mooring on the River Avon now, and not in the marina. Do I need to drain the water from the engine as winter approaches? If so, the simplest way I can think of is to use a water suction pump I have at the thermostat housing, or is there a special 'Thing' I have to do?



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If surrounding water does not freeze throughout the winter and you do not have extended spells of temperatures way below freezing, the boat "should" be fine. For occasional spells of below freezing the engine room electric heater is a cheap insurance but you do not have that option when moored on the river.

I doubt you can drain the engine and keep it drained while the boat is in water - the water line is most likely somewhere above bottom of the engine water jacket - disconnecting a water intake hose might be an option. There is also a water intake itself and/or an outdrive to worry about if the river does deep freeze.

If I were you, I would seek local knowledge - ask around at your local marina.

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Not true. The sterndrive is to ALWAYS be stored straight  DOWN.   If not the Rubber sections can suffer from being folded .   compressed all winter. Then opened in a cold building in the spring.  Not all rubber will tolerate that kind of treatment

Sitting in river water is a Crapshoot.  If fast current ? It may take longer to ice inside the the lower unit. If in a shallow sandy / whitish bottom? It will freeze up quicker.  Boats moored / anchored do suffer ice rubbing of the gell coat.  Next spring it just looks very dull. Like being out in sun all summer. Chalky powder. All winter in sunshine Plus  the reflection off the ice or snow  is not a good combination for Gel Coat.  

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