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DTS dual Binnacle controls, Digital Trim, and Covid

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I encountered an issue on my 2014 31 Signature early this season. When I put the boat  in the water in April, the trim gauge for the starboard engine wasn't working. Within two weeks the starboard Bravo Three drive was stuck in the down position. Luckily the boat was still covered by the extended Brunswick warrant, but Covid was running wild in NY state.  My local marina was closed by government order.   I contacted Brunswick and explained the situation, they were very understanding.  I was asked to document the issue in writing, and contact them when the work was going to be performed. My warranty had a end date of May, the work was performed in October.

I was able to enjoy the boat the entire season (107 hours on the clock), with the starboard drive down. I pulled the boat in October.

My mechanic found the following issues.

  • The starboard trim sensor was bad.
  • The starboard trim relays and solenoid were cooked.
  • The starboard trim switch was bad.

The Brunswick extended warranty paid about half the bill. My mechanic was unable to perform the repairs using the book rate for the job.

I am really pleased that Brunswick did their part.

I am not thrilled with the cascading failures. I have a friend of mine with twin 2019 Verdado's and had the exact same problem.

The bottom line line is that all is well now. I love the boat. The boat is fast, she handles great in rough water, and we spent 38 days on her this season!

Have a happy New Year.

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