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mercruiser alpha1 gen 2 lower drive oil reservoir line

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Have a problem with an oil leak either the hose to the bell housing or from the transom fitting. I looked up the merc manual and the hose is shown secured to the transom fitting  by a clamp....mine has a cable tie.(on both  ends of the hose).  I have tried to retighten the tie but dont yet know if that was the problem. 

I had removed the drive unit before getting this far. Now after tightening the tie  I have refilled the oil reservior (on the engine). I have pressed the anti dribble valve on the bell housing but no oil dribbles through.  Any ideas please. 

i dont want to reassemble everything then find that the tightening of the tie was not successful. I figure that the oil hose full and dribbling when presssed should reveal success or not. 

Thanks....i note 7 years ago someone had a similar problem but there is no explanation of  how it was fixed. 


Screenshot (91).png

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