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Merc V=12 600HP

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I read everything I could find on that motor, some really cool technology. That motor is not for many boaters given the weight and price, but hopefully that technology makes it to the 300-400 hp motors. For now, those buying or repowering 40’ boats and above have an interesting new choice.

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58 minutes ago, Toddler said:

VP has announced it will stop making Seven Marine Outboards, it there a market for an 600 hp outboard?

Very large market for them today. The center console guys are all going nuts with 38-50’ boats, Formula from 40-50, Sea Ray at 40’. They will have a long backlog for orders. 
I think VP buying 7 was the case of poor due diligence. So many third party components there was not much margin in there for a global conglomerate.

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1 hour ago, cyclops2 said:

$ 20,000 to connect a drivers joystick to a battery & connect a long multi pin cable connector  to the motor ?  No way do I empty my wallet for that price.

Somehow I don’t think you’re the target audience for this motor. 

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On 2/12/2021 at 8:25 PM, Wingnut said:

4 camshafts, 12 cylinders, 48 valves, direct injected, 2 speed transmission, dual prop "steerable" gear case, what can possibly go wrong.  W

Yeah and salt water and heavy load on RPM you are right what could go wrong

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On 2/12/2021 at 11:54 PM, Rambo said:

Sounds good and looks good.

Hope it will come in a smaller 400 hp package for boats less than 40 feet.

Merc Racing has them.

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