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Please Check Your Ski/Fish Setup for the Following Safety Issues

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I have two safety-related issues to make new owners of Ski/Fish models aware of.  The first is the hookup of the onboard battery charger. In my case, I have a new (purchased November 2020) 21 SSI Ski & Fish with 3-bank Promariner battery charger that charges the starter battery and the two trolling motor batteries.  Upon plugging it in the first time, I noticed that the charger never got beyond the initial diagnostic phase, where it indicated faults for the two trolling motor battery banks.  What I found was that the second circuit was improperly connected across the two batteries and the third circuit was not connected at all.  After connecting everything properly, the charger work perfectly.  Because of the sophistication of the charger, the unconnected bank was never energized, so the bare leads did not cause a spark, but needless to say, this could have been a serious problem. 

The second issue relates the drain plug in the live well.  I haven't used the livewell yet, but noticed that there was always water draining out of it after a trip on the water.  I raise my boat out of the water on a lift, so I can easily inspect this.  On my last trip, I actually looked in the livewell and to my surprise, it was full of water.  When I checked the drain plug, I found that it is too small to actually plug the drain hole.  This has not been a problem for me since my trips so far have only been an hour or so at a time and I lift the boat out of the water after every trip.  The livewell does have a drain at the top, so as long as it drained faster than the water came in, the boat would not have been swamped.  But, this could be a serious issue if the boat is always in the water.

To be fair, I love my Chapparal and it seems to be very well built and it runs very well.  However, I am extremely disappointed with the lack of attention to detail in the set up, especially when two potentially dangerous situations were created.  Hopefully, this is a one-off occurrence, but I wanted to share my experience so that other new owners of Ski & Fish models check for these issues before they become problems.



Scott Bull


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