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My deer herd is almost gone !!

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  Are deer able to be affected by our Covid-19 ?  had about 13 or so traveling thru my back yard for years. Now down to about 3 small groups of mother & young. I am guessing the herd has broken up with the loss of a lead female.

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Where, NY NJ?

There is an influx of eastern coyotes (coy-wolfs) across the north-east. They are decimating or displacing most of prey animals.

In our area, the feral cats, skunks and foxes are almost gone, the raccoons are trying to get to the homes/RVs/boats (and doing a lot of damage), and the deer is smaller in numbers and hiding.

Ref: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/coywolves-are-taking-over-eastern-north-america-180957141/

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Yes, there is a problem brewing in upstate NY. The coyotes are getting too large in numbers and too bold.

They used to hunt and stay in the fields on the interior side of the road. This year they crossed the road and are scouting and hunting on the waterfront side, right between the waterfront houses and the shore. People are not behaving right as usual. Still trying to feed the cats and raccoons that only brings coyotes closer to homes. Then people are scared and behave just like prey, run away and hide instead of trying to scare the coyotes away. We never learn!

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I scare animals with my .22 pistol using shorts.  A head shot always prevents cripples running away to become rabid. If they come on my or a neighbor property who is afraid of the bold animal ?  Goodbye danger to pet or child. 

The idiots are animal LOVERS  who feed them on & off . Then go away for awhile on trips or vacations. 

Best wild animal was at the end of a Christmas party. Woman opens the back door & says.  " What a beautiful little black kitten you have . ":haha-7383:

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