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Trailer bunk width for 2007 236ssx

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I just purchased a 2007 Chaparral 236ssx from North Carolina.  I live in Michigan and I am planning to drive down to pick it up next week.  The boat does not have a trailer but I was able to find a 2018 Phoenix SB24-52 I beam trailer here locally in Michigan.  I was hoping to get the bunks adjusted at least close to the right position before I leave.  Does anybody have a trailer for this boat that they would be willing to give me the dimensions between the bunks?  If you would be willing to send a pic of the boat sitting on the bunks that would help greatly.  Thanks for considering.

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This was so frustrating for me when I brought home my 216ssi. It didn't come with a trailer when I purchased it and the used trailer I had sat right where the runners/ribs were. I don't know how similar the hulls are, but they have the same beam width, so the bunk positioning might be close. I can post my measurements tonight when I get home as I just setup my new trailer. 

Hopefully though someone else with an identical boat chimes in to be sure.  

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Any help would be appreciated.  I've seen some trailers with bunks vertical and sitting on the flats of the (chines?), and others have bunks at an angle laying against the round of the hull.

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