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I broke my temperature gauge.

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Hi folks,

I recently put a new dashboard in but during the process managed to arc the live and earth connections on my temperature gauge. The gauge now reads 240°F all the time. I've put a replacement gauge in which is in C but whereas the boat always used to run at 140°F, the new gauge reads 100°C. I know this is down to the resistance of the gauge and Mercruiser sender not matching.    I can't find anywhere to get a repair in the UK, so wondered if anyone knows where I can get a replacement part? 


Many thanks


1990 Chap Signature 27 5.7 Mercruiser.

Gauge 3Gauge 2


gauge 1


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I can not give a exact correct answer. Turn off the battery or disconnect the Plus or Minus cable on it. So you can do a Ohm meter test of the  sending resistance.  

I am guessing that F & C  sender are the same resistance . Boiling water is the same . So lets find out if the sender is still O K  & the wires & connections at both ends. Another Ohm meter check with a long Ohm Meter wire.  Might be a burned open wire also ?

Key off.  Are both of  the meters all the way down scale or up scale ?


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