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Why Choose Arise Web Guide System For Mask Production?

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The masks are regarded as a key resource for the prevention and control of the epidemic. Due to technical issues, the contradiction between supply and demand is prominent with a huge supply and demand gap. However, the technical deficiencies of mask machines have caused raw material waste and reduced output. This phenomenon will be greatly improved after installing the Arise web guide system
During the coil winding process of the mask machine, once the edges of the coil are out of alignment, the subsequent production process will lead to material waste and machine shutdown for debugging. Therefore, in the production of coil products, the web guiding system is an indispensable key accessory. Arise web guide machine is a product that uses photoelectric technology to solve the problem of material waste and multi-layer material bonding in mask production. Its innovation is that it can reduce the waste of mask melt-blown cloth by 30% and solve the five-layer bonding problem of N95 masks, which improves the production speed and qualification rate of masks, as well as improving the production efficiency of masks and reducing labor costs.

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I’m seeing more and more people do this recently. I was just at Cub Foods in White Bear and to my surprise a ton of their employees are wearing just a face shield with no mask at all. You don’t have to be a genius to realize those things are made for splatters. They don’t protect from COVID whatsoever. There’s a huge giant gap so of course air is going to excape and travel easily.

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