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2001 Chaparral 216 SSI

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Hello everyone. Need some HELP!

New here. I bought a used 216 SSI, 5.7 EFI, and had a problem with it yesterday and I'm wondering if someone could help me out.

My boat stalled on the water yesterday with 1/2 tank of fuel on the gauge.

I thought it maybe a faulty gauge / sending unit. When I put the boat on the trailer, level ground, the engine started but kind of sputtered out. Fuel pump is switching on.

So I decided I would put gas in it and see if it would start. Put about 10 gals in and it fired right up! ran for a while with ear muffs on.

I decided to go ahead and fuel it up. Problem I ran into was that it only took 25 gals to fill it up. All info online says this thing has a 58 gal tank! Could it be the pickup tube for the fuel in the tank? Maybe it's too short and I wasnt really out of gas? Does anyone know where the pickup tube is on the tank? I dont see one near the access for the fuel gauge sending unit.


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So, if I am reading this right, you put 10 gallons in and then 25? Isn't that 35 total? 2x35=70. You may have just been sucking some stale gas into the engine. Put some additive into your tank and use as much of that tank as you can before refueling.

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On 5/24/2021 at 1:27 PM, Cwest said:

I dont see one near the access for the fuel gauge sending unit.


Follow the fuel line.
Also fuel filter(s) -- have you changed them? Water in the fuel????

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