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I am looking for a new girlfriend for myself, since I broke up with my ex. We were friends for a long time and I knew her just as long. But I absolutely do not know how to meet new people. I have always had shyness and restraint. How do people now meet on the Internet, do you have any advice?

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It is surely possible to find somebody in the Internet. But you will need time like everywhere, a lot of time. Internet opens lots of opportunities. You can find a girl here, or there, in your country or on another continent. And all will depend on you, both of you) I have some friends who found each other thanks to social media. And they are already married. My other friends met each other on the wedding near the mobile bar, which belonged to this company . Well, you have to be patient and not to lose the opportunity to find a girl in the internet, but please don't forget about everyday life chances too. Good luck!

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