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Why choose solventless lamination machine

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With the increasing cost of organic solvents and the increasing environmental protection requirements, organic solvent emissions are increasingly strict restrictions. Solventless lamination machine has advantages of health, safety, environmental protection, low cost and flexible packaging manufacturers will adopt solvent-free lamination technology instead of traditional solvent laminate technology for expanding laminating production capacity.

The lamination machine adopting safety, healthy and environmentally friendly process is more and more required, which is the reason why solventless lamination machine is developed rapidly all over the world.

1.It adopts 100% adhesive, no solvent residue, reducing the pollution of packaging contents, especially food, drugs, etc. There is no volatile solvent emissions in the production, and there is no pollution on the atmospheric environment.

2. Higher running speed. The speed of the solventless laminating machine can be as high as 480m/min, with no risk for fire and explosion

3. Less adhesive consumption. Solvent-free lamination machine has Lower production cost than solve machine. Gluing and total cost have a certain decrease.

4. The solventless laminator has lower energy consumption. Since the usual drying system is not adopted, energy consumption can be significantly reduced.

5. Better return on investment. The investment efficiency of the solventless machine is doubled than the solvent-based laminating machine.

6. Reduce the danger of storage for organic solvent transportation.

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