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Working principle of solvent-free lamination machine

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The glue of the solvent-free laminating machine is AB glue. Currently, the laminating structure of thin layer laminating thick layer, aluminized lamination, aluminum foil laminating, paper-plastic lamination. There is no solvent and no need to worry about solvent residue. It is greatly affected by the air temperature. The glue operability is only about twenty minutes. So the tension control and the winding taper have high requirements.

Sheet-fed gravure press adopts paper stack continuous sheet feeding and the web-fed gravure press adopts continuous feeding with web paper. There’re three types of arrangement of plate cylinder and impression cylinder, including vertical, horizontally, inclined and the plate cylinder is arranged below the printing portion. Generally, each unit has a printing cylinder and an impression cylinder. In order to increase the printing pressure, some are equipped with 2 impression cylinders.

The technical advantage of the solventless lamination machine is very obvious, with low glue cost and high efficiency, through the step-by-step method of the sample, small batch production, mass production, reducing risks and unnecessary losses.

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