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High performance of tungsten carbide roller

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The carbide roll has a high hardness and its hardness value varies very small with temperature. The hardness value under 700°C is 4 times higher than the high-speed steel. The elastic modulus, the compressive strength, the bending strength, the thermal conductivity are also 1 times higher than the tool steel. Since the thermal conductivity of the cemented carbide roll is high, the heat dissipation effect is good, so that the surface of the roll is under high temperature for a short time and thus the high-temperature reaction time of harmful impurities in the cooling water and the roll is shorter. Therefore, the tungsten carbide rollers are more resistant to corrosion and cold and hot fatigue than tool steel rollers.

The performance of the tungsten carbide rollers is related to the content of the bond metal phase and the size of the tungsten carbide particles. The tungsten carbide is about 70% to 90% of the total composition and the average particle size is μm of 0.2 to 14. If the metal bond content is increased or increases the particle size of tungsten carbide, the hardness of the cemented carbide decreases and the toughness is improved. The bending strength of the tungsten carbide roller ring can reach 2200 MPa. The impact toughness can be reached (4 ~ 6) × 106 J / ㎡, and the HRA is 78 to 90.

The tungsten carbide roller can be divided into two types of integral and composite according to structural form. Integral tungsten carbide roller has been widely used in pre-precision rolling and finishing stand of high-speed wire rolling mills. The composite cemented carbide roller is composited through tungsten carbide and other materials. The composite carbide rollers are cast directly into the roller shaft, which is applied to a rolling mill with a heavy load.

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