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What is the tension controller

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In the industries of paper, printing, textile, packaging, metal and wire & cable, in order to maintain high production efficiency, a basic tension controller is essential. It has wide applications, especially in the most related coiling and unwinding industries which need a perfect tension control system to improve production efficiency and product quality.
Tension control refers to the ability to control the tension when the raw materials are transported on the device. In the coiling industry, the tension always needed to be controlled for production requirements, and the tension controller is a type of device for tension control. It has the advantages of small error, fast responding speed, high accuracy and simple adjustment. There’re three types of tension controllers including automatic tension controllers, semi-automatic tension controllers and manual tension controllers.
A typical tension control system is mainly composed of a tension controller, a tension reader, a tension detector, a magnetic powder brake, and a clutch. According to the loop, it can be divided into open loop, closed-loop, or free ring tension control system and it can be divided into types of ultrasonic, floating roll, track arm, according to the monitoring method of different coils.
Working principle of the tension controller
The tension controller can directly set the value of the tension control, and then input the signal of the tension sensor as a feedback value. Input the error to the PID or other manipulations for dealing with, and output to the actuator to control.

The tension controller system is controlled between the units of the magnetic powder clutch and must maintain a consistent ratio at the speed, a constant tension among the materials, or controlling tension according to the specified regularity, to ensure high-efficiency productivity and superior product quality.

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