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Do the schools worry about your children's health?

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I wouldn't say that my daughter's school has a lot of health care. Children come to the clinic and say they feel sick, they are given a dubious pill and sent back to class. I wish that they would treat children's health more responsibly, and not just turn green for all the problems...  They are already working on our school cromi.org to improve school medicine. I hope that this will help in some way.

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In the school where my children now attend, a beautiful doctor on duty always helps children. Unfortunately, before, there was no such thing, so we were lucky only the second time. I even personally communicated with this doctor. She is a lovely woman, we talked about a lot of things. It turned out that we are together watching https://jordibhealthandfitness.com/.Это was very lovely. We agreed that it's much better to immediately take care of the health through nutrition and exercise than to wait for severe problems and treat them with drugs. She said that she also has a schoolchild, and she understands the parents' concerns about school doctors. I am delighted that children have someone to go to at school.

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There is a child in my son's class who is completely out of control. Everyone suffers from his behavior: classmates whom he bullies, the teacher to whom he disrupts lessons and is rude, children from other classes with whom he doesn't get along at recess. We don't know what to do: there are norms of behavior in society. I don't want my children to face aggression where it should be safe and quiet, in school. Recently this boy bit a girl's hand and left a mark. The doctor couldn't even do anything. What kind of doctors are there in schools that can't put a Band-Aid on a wound?

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