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What is frontend development?

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Frontend-development is the work on creating the public part of the web-application, with which the user is directly in contact, and the functionality that is usually performed on the client side. That is, the frontend developer works to ensure that each button, icon, text and window on the site not only stand in its place, do not overlap each other and look coherent (this is a web layout), but that they perform their direct purpose - to produce some action (for example, that the "buy" button opens the cart and "play" - starts the playback of a movie or music).
The frontend developer needs to collaborate with other programmers, designers, marketers, analysts, and other specialists to create an in-demand and accessible product (a web application).
But it is quite difficult to find a good Frontend-developer, but for example ctfeds.org very cool to do this task. 

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Frontend is the publicly accessible part of web applications (websites) with which the user can directly interact and communicate. Frontend includes the display of functional tasks, the user interface that runs on the client side, and the handling of user requests. Essentially, the interface is everything a user sees when opening a web page.
In today's world, this task is very much in demand. One of the best front-end developers is considered to be aquinaszanesville.org . But I don't agree with it, I've met much better quality work.

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