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Covid: 'Crazy' period for recruitment puts workers on top

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Covid: 'Crazy' period for recruitment puts workers on top




A shortage of skilled workers has created a "crazy period" for the Welsh jobs market, a leading recruitment firm has said.

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Cardiff-based Yolk Recruitment said candidates were in a "position of control and power".

The firm said clients' job vacancies had increased by 35% compared to pre-pandemic levels.

Official figures show numbers in work in Wales rose by 25,000 in the three months to August.

There were also 44,000 more people in employment compared to the same quarter last year, Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures showed.

Despite this, unemployment in the three months to August increased by 0.2% to 4% overall - below the UK average of 4.5%.

Researchers suggest that the shortage of skilled workers will remain a challenge for the next five years.

Retraining as an HGV lorry driver
Steven Lloyd, 47, from Gilfach, near Bridgend recently retrained as an HGV driver.

"The passion was always HGV and lorries, but unfortunately - with the cost - I was never able to afford the outlay for the training," said Steven.

He previously drove buses, but after being made redundant during the pandemic, retrained for his dream job.

The cost, which can run into thousands of pounds, has been covered by Remploy, which Steven was referred to by his Job Centre in Porth, Rhondda Cynon Taf.

'Feeling the pinch'
"It is your pickings, it is your time, the position of control and power is in your court slightly," Mr Arora said.

"What you have to be aware of is that there are a lot of counter offers. So there are a lot of employers that are trying to retain staff as they look to leave a business.

"That is a challenge for new employers, but also candidates have to be aware that maybe they can get more from their current employer before going to the employment market, because everyone is feeling the pinch of how crazy the current jobs market is."


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