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I suspect I have this problem

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If you have a suspicion, you should not sit and wait for it to get worse, but run to the doctor and solve the problem. 
My husband had bladder stones, but he didn't tell me about it and didn't do anything about it. Eventually it got worse, which was choledocholithiasis. The treatment took a long time.

You should also not self-medicate, it can on the contrary harm you.

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I've known for a couple of years that I have them, every time I go to the doctor we count them and .... We don't do anything, and last time they suddenly disappeared :( But since a couple of weeks ago I was dying of colic for three hours, now it's back. Checked now - there are rocks! One minute conversation and .... Referral to the surgeon in hand. So what, just go and cut? No examinations or ...... but under the knife! Personally, I am for some reason in favor of conservative treatment.

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