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Mike, just curious, what internet speed do you have and what type of connection? And what PDF reader do you use? Thanks.

I use Adobe Acrobat 7.9 Pro and the internet speed is classified! (100.0 mbps)

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Hi, I am holder of a chapparal signature 24 of 1975. I wanted a great favor to ask her. I have lost documentation of the hull, electric plant, motor volvo 200 hp dual advantage and hydraulic plant. If someone has these documents, could you send me them?

Thanks to everybody

Kindest regards


Ignazio Angioni

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Chaparral builds some GREAT boats! ----- It was nice to see how the product line has developed over the years. ------ We cannot wait to get our new 2013 / 290 Cruiser. ------ This will be our first Chaparral! ---- The best thing that happened in relation to "Storm Sandy," --- is that the "loss of our old boat" made it possible to own a new Chaparral! ---- Best regards to all on this great site! ----- Greg

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