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How do I fix The outlook not receiving emails?

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Couple of days back, I was unable to access the outlook account. which was happening because of the incorrect email settings or forwarding. In case, if you are unable to access the outlook account. just make a few changes into the outlook settings. 

  • When hotmail is not receiving emails, you need to login the outlook account on another browser and then retry to access the webmail again 
  • Please check the mail filters and spam settings on the outlook account and then retry to access the webmail again. 
  • Delete the mail forwarding settings from the outlook webmail if you find it activated. 
  • Go to the email settings, and delete all types of filters from the webmail, now retry to access the outlook account again. it should have started working fine for you. 
  • If you are unable to access the new messages on the outlook application, you need to check the incoming & outgoing server settings. Also, don't forget to update the username and password for that email. 
  • Uninstall the current outlook email from the mail settings and then install a new mail settings. right after that, your email will start working fine. 

After changing these settings from the outlook account, your email will start working fine. in case, if you are dealing with some other issues. please visit askprob blogs for more assistance. 

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The word filter is and always will be an ineffective way of stopping spam. It only takes to bot devs 5 minutes to identify what's being filtered and update the scripts, then they are back to spamming. It does nothing but punish players and is an arms race that deca will always lose.

The best way to fix this problem in my opinion is a pmod system or something like it. A small group of trusted players (probably less than 10 is all it would take) to hop through the nexus and mute bots as they talk, even if its just a 24 hour mute it would shut them down.
From other games like runescape we know that a system like this is rife for potential abuse, so if implemented I'm imagining a system where mutes get sent for manual review and players caught abusing it would be stripped of their powers.

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Hi. I once had this problem. My email were lost somewhere or did not arrive at all. Usually you don't pay attention to it until it starts to bother you. Therefore, to solve this problem, I decided to go online and find an answer. It turned out to be a spam problem. So I recommend checking it out

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