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Greetings!I picked up a 1988

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I picked up a 1988 200 XLC last year. She was pretty rough, but still solid. After a good bit of work, she is running great. The one thing that is still an outstanding issue is the dashboard.

The trim button on the throttle works for down but not for up (have to use the trailer button to raise the trim). I was told by our mechanic that the reason is a short in the wiring of the trim gauge, and that to fix it would mean replacing the trim gauge. The speedometer also works only intermittently.

So given those, I don't have faith that the rest of the gauges, while seeming to work, are actually accurate.

My question is, do I replace the entire instrument package? Or can I selectively replace gauges? Is there a particular brand or type that is better? How would I determine compatibility of gauges with my boat? Or are they universal?

Thanks for any assistance!


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I would suggest that your trim may not be operational due to a sending unit issue instead of wiring at the gauge.

As for your speedometer, if you have a pickup hole on your drive, check to be sure it is clear of obstructions and that the tube going from your drive to the back of the speedometer is clear. If you use air to clear the line, be sure to disconnect it from the speedometer first. If you have a pitot tube measuring speed, and the issue is erratic speed, then you may need to adjust the placement of that tube.


Welcome to the forum Paul1747. We are glad you are here and believe that you will find answers to a lot of your questions. We also provide some humor, of course at no charge to you other than the initiation fee you paid to join this forum ;)

A few pointers for you to do (if you have not already done so) to help us help you:

1. Using My Controls, add into your signature your location (geographic area)

2. Using My Controls, add into your signature the type of boat you have and its mechanical systems, such as boat type, engine, drives, etc. This way you don't have to type it into to every post you put up. This will help us help you a lot! Without it, you may not get any answers.

3. Use the Search feature of the forum. There is a lot of good information on this forum that will answer many of your questions. We have a lot of experts here with a large amount of life experience.

4. Take a minute to review our Terms of Service. There is good information in there that you will want to know including that we cannot discuss pricing. But read some of our other posts on here to learn the work around for that. ;)

5. We like pictures a lot! So when you get a chance, post some pics of your ride. Read through this thread to learn more about how to do so.

6. Come back early and often to post. We are a community of friendly and some of us are border-line psychotic. But we admit to it and that's the first step to recovery ;)

Again, welcome to the asylum/forum and we look forward to more from you. Don't be a stranger.

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